Green Investing Strategies

Investing in “green” companies has become popular as people have become more aware of environmental issues such as peak oil and global warming. But just as investing in “dot coms” during the 90s was the trend of the times, “green” is also a trend and should not be taken as an indicator of guaranteed profits. In fact, investing in “green” companies can be quite risky due to under-capitalization and lack of operating history due to their start-up status. But you can reduce the risk by investing in established companies that are strategically adding green methods and systems to their existing business models. Here are a few industries to consider.

Existing energy companies across the globe are researching and developing alternative fuels. All of the major oil companies are expanding into wind, solar and geothermal energy systems. And local utility companies across the United States are already introducing wind and solar power options to their customers. As many states make tax credits available to residents for installing solar panels, local utility companies are creating energy buy-back programs that should be effective in increasing profitability. Continue reading “Green Investing Strategies”